Development Applications

Aria Digital can assist you with development applications to council. We have the experience and understand what is required to comply with local laws and ensure your screen will be up in the quickest time, giving you the ability to generate profits earlier.

Over the years we have worked with key stakeholders in both local, state and federal government.

Content Design

A big screen is only as effective as its content. Unfortunately, most of your customers won’t care what brand your screen is, what size bezel it has, or how big it is. Your screen is only the delivery method. What your audience does care about, is what they see on your screen and how it relates to them.

Aria Digital have an experienced team of designers who will work with you to get the most out of your digital signage investment. From menu and directory boards, to promotional screens, to video walls, we will ensure your brand is at its best.

TechnicalĀ Support

Aria Digital Screens is able to provide peace of mind to our customers when is comes to technical support. We have trained technicians who specialise in the field of digital screens and software.

We offer warranties on our products and are available to discuss any technical problems over the phone or in person.

Know that when you deal with Aria Digital Screens you are dealing with experts.

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