General Pants

Bondi installs Transparent LED

Bondi Junction is one of Australia’s famous shopping malls for designer labels, casual fashions and home to some of the cities trendiest restaurants.

General Pants, one of Australia’s biggest  fashion retailers is located at the main entrance to Bondi Junction with a massive 60m of glass frontage making it the perfect opportunity to communicate with potential customers.

General Pants approached Aria Digital Screens about the opportunity to create a communication platform in this space that was unique and reflected that of the high profile location.

The decision was made to install over 30m2 of Transparent LED Display. This is a relatively new product to the Australian market, It’s a unique digital signage platform that provides General Pants customers and potential customers an amazing viewing experience. The displays bring images to life in an almost 3D effect, all the while offering a beautiful view inside the shop.

General Pants use the screen to communicate their brand message, create an amazing atmosphere around the store and also communicate important sales messages to ultimately drive customers into the store.

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