Mannix Air

Mannix Air is one of Australia’s most experienced businesses in the heating and cooling industry. With 9 locations across South Australia and Queensland Mannix has helped keep thousands of Australians comfortable in their homes.

Before approaching Aria Digital Screens Mannix Air generally advertised using TV, radio, and social media to generate new enquiries and promote brand awareness. Using these methods has worked well but they are continually buying space from the advertisers that own the audience.  

Considering Mannix Air has several stores situated on main roads with thousands of potential customers literally driving past their door every hour it was worth exploring this audience that they essentially already owned.

Mannix Air approached Aria Digital Screens to learn more about digital signage and what it could mean for their business. After much consideration, it was decided that a digital sign outside of two of their retail stores was going to happen but we needed to implement the right product to not only communicate to the potential audience but also convey a sense of quality in line with the Mannix brand.

We helped educate Mannix Air on LED screen technology and the pros and cons of different solutions, together we settled on a Pitch 6mm LED display at two of the locations. The displays boast some of the latest LED technology which provides our customers with brilliant picture quality, bolder colours and excellent reliability in all conditions.

To accompany the hardware Aria Digital Screens has implemented a cloud-based software platform which gives them the ability to update the sign from anywhere in the world. The software ticks a number of boxes for Mannix Air from its functionality and ease of use through to its security layers.

Mannix Air are currently working closely with Aria Digital Screens and our Customer Support to ensure they maximise the results the screen can deliver and ultimately increase sales.

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