Digital Menu in Burger Boss

Burger Boss’s tag line is “EAT LIKE A BOSS” and that’s exactly what they offer. They do things a little differently to most fast food, offering high quality ingredients that are 100% preservative & Additive-free, in fact, they even make their own patties in house.

As part of a recent store opening, owner Alex wanted to include a digital menu in the store to better engage with customers. This gives them the ability to easily update menu items when they need to, Alex also uses the scheduling functionality meaning he can have certain menus for different day parts.

They also utilise one of the screens to promote specials and even their secret menu.

Since installing the digital menu they have increased sales of the secret menu by about 30% which provides a better profit margin than other standard menu items.

Burger Boss can update his menus with ease through a cloud-based login, targeting individual screens, or even push a large piece of content across all four screens at once – this can be used to heavily promote a particular product.

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