Uses and Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage

Whether you’re running a retail shop, a school, a medical centre or a hospitality establishment, you can always make use of outdoor digital signage through the use of outdoor led screens, digital screens or if you want to make a real statement, transparent led screens.

There’s always going to be passersby, checking out what’s going on which gives you the chance to create awareness of and sell your product and services to the local community.

Digital signage opens your business up to more opportunities with those that reside close by.

Not only does static signage get less attention, it generally gets tired and dull very quickly, meaning that you as a business owner, need to continually be updating your static signage with a new or more enticing message.

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage

There are multiple benefits to incorporating digital screens and signage.

Firstly, the content is far more engaging as it is animated and moving, immediately capturing more attention than regular signage.

Secondly, a digital signage platform allows your content to be more versatile – you can change the content to suit what you’re looking to communicate or promote.

Picture these digital screen/signage options:

  • Seasonal specials, updating trading hours or new services for local hair and beauty salons
  • Weekend/holiday food and drink promotions for pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants
  • Raising awareness of the local school activities and upcoming enrolment or excursion dates
  • Letting the locals know of new services or staff being introduced at the medical centre
  • The list goes on!
Outdoor LED Screens

Consider an outdoor led screen for your digital signage requirements.

Our outdoor LED screens are manufactured using high quality components and use cutting edge technology.

They boast very bold colours, high colour contrast and superior picture clarity meaning our outdoor LED screens allow you to make the most of your marketing and advertising.

Make today the day you make a change!

Digital Screens

We offer digital screens in many sizes and multiple digital screens can be added together to create one big screen – imagine the possibilities!

Transparent LED Screens

With technology how it is these days, you can literally do almost anything with digital signage.

Transparent LED screens can be used to showcase products, offers, services and promotions on the outside of your store or business.

The transparent led screen can be as large as your entire store wall, creating a real ‘wow factor’ for those walking by, making it hard to ignore!

Video Walls

Video walls also are an excellent digital screen option, depending on your store size, objectives and overall budget.

When mapping out your digital screen and signage plan, consider what type of content you’d like to be streaming. There are many options of software packages and functionalities available and our team can talk you through the options based on your overall vision.

From digital screens, outdoor led screens to large bespoke, transparent LED display screens, Aria Digital will manage your entire digital signage project from start to finish so you don’t have the headache. You’ll be able to enjoy the end result and make the most of your digital signage investment!

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