Types Of Digital Screens and Their Uses In The Modern Day

Digital screens and signage have fast become a leading solution in the digital age – marketing, advertising and communication has all gone to the next level with the adoption of digital screens and signage across various businesses and industry sectors.

Digital screens and signage are versatile and can be custom made to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Visual messaging is attention grabbing and meets consumers where they are when relevant and appealing content is displayed.

You can increase your customer’s experience by implementing your own digital signage solution, LED screens or display screen for your shop.

Today we’re going to look at just some of the options when it comes to digital screens and LED screens for your business.

Wall Mounted LCD Menu Boards

Wall mounted digital LCD menu boards in hospitality establishments for example, create a dynamic visual experience for the diner – they are interactive and communicate a clear, up to date and relevant message.

Digital menu boards and digital screens are completely flexible meaning you can feature any content you like – videos, imagery and even animations.  Their design also allows you to quickly change messaging or content.

Standing LED Screens

Floor standing LED screens are the perfect option for a permanent sturdy display screen in your shop.

With LED screens you can replace your existing printed posters and printed signage and stand out from the crowd with engaging and changing content, relevant to your target market or seasonality and trends.

Transparent LED Displays

Digital displays such as transparent LED screens offer an innovative and creative way to
communicate your message.

At Aria Digital, we use cutting edge technology to achieve the highest transparency rates along with brightness and resolution.

Our LED screens are all made and certified for use in Australia, meaning you can have peace of mind that your display screen for your shop is of a professional and certified standard.

Video Walls

Video walls are big and engaging, creating a statement and sure to catch anyone’s attention. Also, you don’t need to be a professor in order to control your visual message on our digital screens or your video wall!

Simple iPad application will leave you loving how easy it is to update and control your visual message.

Digital Screens and LED Screens With Aria Digital

Consumers expect a lot from businesses these days – you can’t just expect to have a good product
without the service levels to match.

Equally, consumers want an experience and not just a product when they’re shopping for their needs and wants… it’s pretty much a guarantee that no one pops into the most boring store at the mall!

Digital signage such as display screens for your shop or LED screens can help create an innovative, creative and exciting experience for consumers helping to drive results.

Give yourself the competitive edge by considering and investing in your digital screen options.

Aria Digital serves various business sectors and we are here to help you find the software solution and hardware that meets your needs, and will provide you with support from concept to final installation and follow up service if required.

Aria Digital – leaders in digital signage solutions, serving clients Australia wide.

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