The Exciting World Of Transparent LED Signage

Looking for the latest in digital signage technology for your place of business?

Go no further than a transparent led screen – it’s big, it’s bold and it makes a statement!

What more could you want in order to quickly capture attention of passersby?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and new digital signage available today: transparent led screens, retail display signs and digital LED signs.

Benefits Of Transparent LED Screens

Not only are transparent LED screens digital in nature and utilize moving content in the form of images and videos, they are also highly transparent too.

Even transparent LED screens with up to 70% transparency still allows light to come into the shop, creating a unique digital LED sign along with visibility into and out of the retail store.

So not only are you showcasing your amazing up to date marketing, advertising and promotions on a transparent led screen to all who can see, you’re also maximizing the visibility to inside the store and vice versa when you’re on the outside.

One of the main benefits of transparent LED screens is their flexibility. Gone are the days of printing and installing static signage which also requires removal too which can often be overlooked.

Some of the other benefits of transparent LED screens include:

  • easy to use digital technology
  • fast and easy to update content
  • slim and do not take up too much space
  • high brightness
  • very convenient

Investing in retail displays signs such as these and others digital signage is the way forward in creating foot traffic, interest in your store and increased brand awareness.

How To Use Your Transparent LED Screen

Given that your shopfront is the first contact for any customers or visitors, using the main front window of your store is always a good first suggestion when considering where to put your transparent LED screen. It’s all about maximizing your branding opportunities.

If you have multiple windows around your store, then consider the angle with the most foot traffic or that is most visible to get maximum impact.

Aria Digital will work with your business to design and choose the best transparent led signage for your store and where it should go.

Not only that, we will install your new digital signage once it’s arrived and part of our customer service is to help assist you and your staff on how to get the most out of your new digital transparent led screen.

Getting The Most Out Of Retail Display Signs

Shop and business owners in the retail sector are looking toward LED signage such as digital LED signs and transparent LED screens in favour of traditional static signage for their shopfronts for all these reasons and more.

So What About Your Business?

Take your communication, marketing, advertising and promotions to the next level with transparent led screens and retail display signs!

Retail stores and shopping centres can consider many different types of digital signage, especially transparent led screens if you’re looking for that extra edge.

Aria Digital has got all your digital led signs covered!

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