Televisions displaying restaurant menu items

Restaurants turn to digital signage

Currently in Australia innovative businesses are looking to digital signage to get their competitive edge, we’ve just seen the roll out of McDonald’s new digital signage menus across the country and how these are set to change the landscape of fast food ordering.

Digital menus are more than just a menu on a screen, when executed right they have the ability to massively impact sales and change the way customers order.

I talk about content a lot and it is no different with digital menus, content is king!! So what content would you want on a digital menu? Let’s start with text : pricing is a crucial part of the menu, easily add pricing to your menu and give yourself the ability to change these prices at the touch of a button using your ipad or phone. In fact you can add or remove a number of items from the menu. This makes staying up to date a breeze.

Ok so text is text, but images also play a huge role in the look of a digital menu. Images are used to show photos of food, showcase your top selling dishes or scroll through your whole menu, after all a picture tells a thousand words. Customers love to see what they’re ordering and this concept can do just that.

If you want an even more engaging menu then video could be the perfect option. Imagine seeing a dish prepared on the wok or being plated up. Videos are fast becoming one of the most important parts of a business’s marketing plan. Digital menus are a great place to showcase these videos. The best digital menus have a mixture of text, images and video to really stand out.

We shouldn’t forget the other options available including RSS feeds, live web zones, HTML 5 content creation, live TV and more.

Once you’ve got your content you have to push your content to your displays, a huge advantage of the digital menu is the ability to display different items or menus at different times of the day. Show your breakfast menu, then have it automatically change throughout the day. In fact you can change your menu depending on the weather, promote coffees on the cold days and cool drinks on the hot ones, all of this is made possible with digital signage.

Digital menus now have the ability to do more than just display simple presentations. Always ensure that your digital signage supplier can show you how to maximise the effectiveness of your display.

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