Pylon Signage Can Help Your Business Go To The Next Level

Installing pylon signage is a great business initiative. Especially if you’re looking to create some further awareness or communication around your business.

Not only does it attract attention from people or vehicles passing by that otherwise may not have seen your business, it can serve as a communication tool relaying business opening hours, VIP offers or promotions.

What Is Pylon Signage?

Pylon signage is a freestanding aluminum or steel signage structure. It can be double sided depending on its location and purpose. It can be branded in any way you like.

The actual digital signage component is usually an outdoor LED screen, meaning it lights up with the advertising or messaging that you’d like to communicate. These messages can be updated and changed with various styles of artwork or advertising material.

Aria Digital Screens specialises in the whole process of a pylon sign – assisting with obtaining approval from the council, design, installation and after sales support.

Our LED display signs use cutting edge technology to produce best in class picture quality day and night. With the automatic brightness control your screen will look great 24/7!

The selection of outdoor LED Screens and LED display signs we have are made and certified for use in Australia, meaning you’ll have peace of mind that your pylon signage is designed for our Aussie environment with all the certifications required.

One of the great things about pylon signage is it is long lasting and durable. Your sign will last you many years into the future!

Key Advantages And Benefits To Using Pylon Signage

Pylon signage works best if your business is located on the ground level or close to it.

Shop or business branding and signage should always reside close to the business so if people see it, they know where to go to find you.

Some of the benefits of implementing pylon signage include:

  • increases your street appeal
  • optimizes your business’s visibility and captures attention
  • customises your marketing messaging, making it more engaging and exciting
  • Pylon signs are financially quite affordable in comparison to other large outdoor signage such as billboards
  • Pylon signs are relatively low maintenance and easy to look after
  • You can have excellent branding and marketing opportunities

At Aria Digital Screens, we provide custom, bespoke and unique outdoor LED screen options including pylon signs for businesses Australia wide – we’re proud of our reputation and would welcome the chance to discuss your digital signage goals.

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