Key Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are the way of the future in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

If you’re not already on board, now’s the time to take the plunge!

Not only do digital menu boards create a dynamic visual experience for the diner, they are interactive
and communicate a clear, up to date and relevant message.

You can use your digital menu boards to feature any content you like – videos, imagery and even

Aria Digital offers a complete digital signage package solution providing both hardware and software,
meaning you can easily upgrade your current static signage with a complete digital signage solution.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Static menu boards are fast becoming less favourable given their rigid structure – the menu board
inserts and creative artwork isn’t easily changed once it’s printed.

Although there is an initial cost involved with switching to digital signage options such as LED signage
and custom LED signs, the benefits are numerous, including:

  • It’s fast – you will have the ability to quickly and remotely update menus, including making
    instant changes. Got something new or seasonal for the menu – no problem! Add it to the
    menu at the click of a few buttons!
  • You can change and update prices instantly for menu items – even for multiple locations
    remotely via wifi or internet networks.
  • The implementation of digital menu boards for businesses with multiple sites means there is a
    common home for the control of digital menu board content, maintaining consistency.
  • Endless opportunities to incorporate and advertise menu promotions or special offers with the
    flexibility of a digital menu board. Cross sell or up sell if you like!
  • Digital menu boards give a fresh, up to date and modern look to your business, leading to a
    better customer experience.

When considering your requirements for a digital menu board, Aria Digital offers a range of sizing and
specifications available to suit your establishment.

Custom LED Signs

Custom LED signs compliment digital menu boards perfectly.

Colours, branding and logos used inside your venue all create a part of the experience for guests and
custom LED signs are a perfect option to help create that all necessary ‘vibe’.

What good is a venue to eat if there’s no atmosphere to match?

When planning your digital menu board requirements, also consider customised LED signs for even
more wow factor!

Aria Digital Will Support Your Digital Menu Board Installation

Our team at Aria Digital aren’t just there to install and set up your digital signage and never be seen
again, we will support you on your digital signage journey, with:

  • Technical support and assistance with any software upgrades
  • Assistance with synchronising your screens with the same messaging
  • Warranty on your purchase

From sourcing LED signage and screens to installation, design and technical support, Aria Digital
Screens can take care of all your digital menu board requirements.

Aria Digital – leaders in digital signage solutions, serving clients Australia wide.

To discuss your digital menu board and custom LED sign requirements, get in touch with our friendly
team at Aria Digital Screens today, on: 1300 797 220.

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