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Digital signage in the school environment is starting to become common ground, with the implementation of LED within the school’s branded pylon signage currently being the most prevalent way of communication with students and parents.

Schools are unique in the sense that they face the challenge of communicating information to a variety of audiences. Teachers, students, and parents demand different information and in a timely fashion. Today we will touch on the various ways schools are using digital signage.


Parents are busy people, and tend not to visit the school often outside of pick up and drop off hours. Most schools are turning to social media to communicate with parents these days. This presents a unique challenge for digital signage, because one might ask – if parents get their information from social media, is digital signage a wasted investment?

Considerations must be given to those parents who are not active users of social media, as well as those who may not follow you. Additionally, we are smothered with information on our smartphones and social media – quite often information meant for a specific person or group of people is missed. Digital signage can bridge this gap.

Parents require information relating to upcoming events, parent-teacher interviews, sports carnivals, pupil-free days, and more. This can be achieved with an LED screen at the school’s main entrance. Couple it with a sleek pylon sign design, and it can really add value for everyone. Signage within the reception area can be used to promote past events, school history, teacher profiles and more to assist in new parent engagement.


Students thrive off everything digital. They have grown up with technology all around them and will tend to take more notice of anything that moves and updates regularly.

Digital signage can be used internally as a reminder about upcoming events, school rules, study tips, etc. but it can also be used to spark group and event participation. Getting your name and photo up on the school’s big screen can be seen as quite an achievement. Use digital signage to help drive student involvement by acknowledging them of their achievements and hard work, or to provide motivation using inspirational quotes and imagery. Students may also find value in simple life lessons, such as reminders to always treat each other with respect, to go out of your way to help and to always listen and be kind.

Motivating students could even be tied to the curriculum. Throw in a quote and relevant image from Shawshank Redemption while the tenth graders are studying it in English class, or some NASA imagery if the year eights are studying Space and Astronomy. Even integrate your signage with YouTube and play math tutorial videos to assist those who may be struggling with a particular concept in class.


A message board or pinboard in a teacher breakroom is commonplace – why not replace this with a digital sign? Full screen messaging, alongside catchy animations and school branding will rarely go unnoticed. This could be used to remind the staff of important deadlines or meetings. A little recognition and motivation also go a long way – use digital signage to wish the staff a happy birthday, recognise work anniversaries or achievements, kudos messaging or employee profiles to assist in new (or even more seasoned) staff to get to know one another!

Teachers might also find value in messaging that supports current curriculum content, helping them stay on track and prepare more efficiently for class. Or even handy tips and tricks for classroom management.

Digital signage in the classroom is also in full swing, with many of today’s top manufacturers releasing smart screens that can be used for digital signage when not in use, but also double as a touch screen or tool for teachers to use to present ideas and information to their students.

Digital signage can be used in so many different ways, and with the costs to deploy digital signage coming down, and the tools to run it becoming more user-friendly than ever, now is a great time to look into digital signage for your school.

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