Guide To Digital Retail Display Signage For Supermarkets

If you’re looking at ways to cut through the noise in a busy supermarket – maybe it’s time to consider the digital signage avenue.

Everyone’s doing it – moving to digital – and the benefits are outstanding.

Top level – supermarket digital signage helps increase sales and impulse purchases along with improving the customer experience in store.

Traditionally advertising in a supermarket or grocery store hasn’t been an easy thing – you’re competing with many other marketing messages, products and other signage along with people who are just focused on getting their goods and getting out of there as quickly as possible.

So by carefully selecting positioning of digital signage like LED screens in the supermarket, you can put your products and offering to the top of people’s minds, just like that!

Types Of Digital Displays For Shops

For a grocery store, there are many different options for retail display signs:

  • LED screens
  • Digital LED signs
  • Commercial signage panels
  • End of aisle displays
  • POS digital signage and menus
  • Video walls and digital screens/signage with various sizing and configuration options

Overall, the main thing you need to ascertain for yourself is, is that it’s time to seriously look at a digital display for the shop/supermarket.

Take your communication, marketing, advertising and promotions to the next level with digital retail display signs!

How To Use Digital Signage In Supermarkets

The possibilities are endless when considering how to engage further with the shopper.

Digital signage via LED screens can be used to announce specials, introduce new products, create awareness of promotions or for wayfinding/communication.

Digital signage provides the benefit of movement in a high definition video which instantly grabs people’s attention.

You just need to make sure the offer or content on display is enough to entice the person or get them thinking more about your product/offering!

Indoor LED Screens

The only thing that you need to work out with your LED screen, is where to put it!

Indoor LED screens can be used as large channels of communication and are great in areas where customers need to wait for service, like an in-store deli within the supermarket.

Consider also utilizing spaces like aisle ends, walls next to products or on windows.

Video Walls

Video walls are also an excellent retail displays signs option.

Think big walls and capturing those passersby.. If there’s a large space in the supermarket on the walls that’s blank, it doesn’t have to remain that way. Video walls are the perfect option as a digital display for a shop and are designed specifically to utilize these types of spaces.

Benefits Of Digital Retail Display Signs
  • Increase foot traffic – front of store signage helps to draw passersby into your store. The right positioned LED screen can be an amazing tool!
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction – with the clever use of digital wayfinding screens and LED screens, you can assist shoppers to get their things done faster
  • Increase sales – promote the specials or offers
  • Increase profits – by focusing your retail display signs on higher margin products, you’re reminding customers of things you have on offer
  • Save time and money – get rid of that old static signage for good! With the click of a few buttons you can pick and choose what to focus on that day with your digital display for shop signage

Supermarkets can consider many different types of digital signage as we’ve seen here today.

From digital screens, indoor led screens to large video walls, Aria Digital has got your retail display signs sorted!

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