Getting An Electronic Sign or LED Scoreboard For Your School

Get ready for the new school year with a helping hand from Aria Digital.

Based in Adelaide, we’re the leaders in digital signage solutions and providers of full service digital signage to schools within Adelaide and from all across Australia too.

Our digital electronic sign packages are customised and bespoke, meaning we tailor all our digital signage and electronic school signs and associated costs, to meet your school’s exact needs, objectives and budget. Now that’s exciting!

Plus, we keep our prices affordable helping our Aussie schools get digital signage such as LED scoreboards and other electronic signage that they want and deserve.

Electronic School Signs And Cost

Driving around anywhere in Australia, you would’ve passed by a school with an electronic sign out the front.

What you probably saw was the school’s name, followed by a bit of news about the school and upcoming dates. This type of digital signage is what we specialise in at Aria Digital.

Our electronic school signs cost can be suited to your budget. We can design to your specifications and desires.

Our electronic school signs add a touch of style, a little bit of flair, and show that your school is up with the times. Plus, our easy-to-use cloud-based software means that you can update the information on your signage with just the push of the button.

A school is the heart of its community, so keep yours in the know about your school news and events with electronic signs from Aria Digital.

So that covers the front of your school, but what about your sports field?

LED Scoreboards

Imagine the style, the flair, and the pizzazz that you’ve got out the front of your school with one of our electronic school signs, and then imagine all that again for the sports, games, and carnivals on your field… with one of Aria Digital’s LED scoreboards.

Australia is a great sporting nation, and this ideal begins in our schools.

We live in a digital time and it’s time to phase out those old-timey flip scoreboards which just record the games at your school.

Why not get the crowd excited, watch them go crazy, and root for the home team with one of Aria Digital’s LED scoreboards!

Add some special effects, some music and some flair to really get everyone excited and cheering on!

With our LED scoreboards you can create magic, excitement and fun – brought to everyone by an Aria Digital provided LED scoreboard.

What Are You Waiting For?

Aria Digital’s electronic school signs cost is reasonable and fair, along with our LED scoreboards bringing Australia’s sporting spirit to any school’s field.

We bring our passion for communication and flair to your school, and transform it into an exciting way to deliver information to school students and members of your community, so why not give us a call and get started today?

To get in touch, call Aria Digital on 1300 797 220 to speak with a friendly and helpful member of our team, or you can also use the simple contact form on our website to reach out and inquire about our digital signage and LED scoreboard solutions for your school.

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