How To Maximise The Use Of Digital Signage In Shopping Centres

The local mall isn’t just a place to shop – it’s considered a destination. A place to shop, hang out, eat and meet up.

If you’re looking for a smarter, more engaging way of communicating with your shoppers, look no
further than digital retail display signs. It’s the way of the future.

You can reach and connect with every shopper with strategically placed retail display signs, LED
screens and LED signage.

Create a great experience where visitors will want to come back!

The up and coming Gen Z’s know all things digital and want the retail experience to match.

Here are some of the options you have when it comes to digital retail displays signs for use in
shopping malls.

LED Signage and LED Display Signs
Get cut through in a high traffic environment with fully customizable LED signage and LED display

Digital kiosks meet shoppers right at eye level and give every retailer in the complex a chance to talk
to mall visitors and engage with their target market.

Digital retail display signage can influence shoppers on their final purchase decision, so are a must for
any shopping complex to remain competitive in this day and age.

LED Screens
Make your shop stand out with LED display screens.
Also customizable, Aria Digital can create a digital signage solution for any store’s size and spec

Digital Retail Display Sign Placement
It’s not just what you’re saying, but where you’re saying it!

You can have the most amazing digital signage solution known to man, but if it’s not placed in a good
position, you can lose valuable engagement.

Some of the key areas to position your digital signage, LED screens and LED signage are:

– Near the food court but not impeding on people’s personal space
– Close to where people’s vision is when on escalators
– In elevators
– Near other resting areas
– Easily visible overhead areas
– Directly inside the mall entrance

Consider your digital signage placement before installation. Aria Digital can assist with
recommendations on placement if you need advice on what works best for your space.

Dynamic Content
It’s no good having all the retail digital signage with average content.

If you’re looking to create public spaces that people want to be in, implement premium content along
with a professional content strategy to accompany your retail display signs and take it to the next

If you’ve already got a marketing team putting together fresh video content for social media, consider
repurposing this content for your retail digital signage – no need to reinvent the wheel!

What good is a shopping mall with no directions on where to go or how to find things?
LED screens and signage provide an excellent way to help shoppers find what they need and fast.
This coupled with the option of advertising selected messaging on the digital wayfinding signage –
two birds, one stone as the saying goes!

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