4 Great Digital Signage Ideas For Schools

The days of everything being pen and paper or hard copy signage are long gone! These days,
everything is moving to a more digitised system including digital signage for schools.

There are so many benefits to moving to a digital based signage system within the education sector –
one of the primary reasons being that messaging can be updated quickly and easily at the touch of a

With the implementation of selected digital signage within schools, creative content including videos
can be utilised throughout the school for a more engaging experience along with marketing appeal to
passersby external to the school.

But what are some of the other digital signage options available within the education sector?

Today, we discuss some of the key digital signage options and ideas for schools and how you can
make full use of them.

Pylon Signs

Generally installed near the front entrance of a school or close to the street for maximum visual
impact, pylon signs are a dynamic and engaging way to communicate what your school is all about.
Standing tall, pylon signs have the added ability of interchanging multiple visual messages, which a
traditional static sign functionality would not be able to do.

So your new digital pylon signage can interchange your messaging – on one hand advertising dates
for prospective students and interested parents whilst also being able to change the visual signage to
communicate key dates for existing students and staff. Two birds, one stone.

Notice Boards & Internal Communications

LED Screens installed in your school can assist students, teachers and visitors for various reasons.
Communicating changes to schedules, venues, dates or times can be quickly and easily done around
the school, ensuring that no one misses it.

Aria Digital provide not just the hardware for your LED screens or digital signage requirements, but
also the software installation along with any assistance you may need with getting your digital signage
up and running smoothly.

Gymnasium LED Screens & LED Scoreboards

Gymnasium LED Screens offer schools so much functionality. They act as a great teaching aid during class, the ability to use the screen as a great presentation tool during assemblies or events or even to act as completely engaging scoreboards. The gymnasium screen opens up many opportunities to provide a better overall experience for staff, students and visitors.

Digital Kiosk Signage

Digital kiosk signage is a great way to keep students up to date with things like canteen menus. There could be a special menu day or promotion for the students which digital kiosk signage could quickly and easily communicate.

If you’re curious about electronic school signs cost, you can contact Aria Digital for a discussion
around your specific requirements. Aria Digital can tailor digital solutions to your specific needs and has worked with many schools in the education sector, across Australia.

Our LED manufacturing partner are wholly Australian owned and operated, together we design and
engineer LED screens, display solutions and accessories. They are also assembled, fabricated,
tested and complied for the local Australian Market. Aria Digital’s screens are also completely
compliant with the Australian electrical standards meaning you have peace of mind.

If you’ve been thinking about digital signage for your school, LED screens or are interested in getting
some costs around electronic signs for schools, get in touch with us today to discuss your

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