Digital Signage – Video Walls and Their Uses

Installing a video wall opens your business up to a world of opportunities.

Not only does it look visually amazing, you’ll be able to make an impactful impression and communicate important information.

Get maximum visibility for your curated content with a ‘wow factor’!

Walk The Walk Don’t Just Talk The Talk

Show your clients and customers that you mean business – lead the way in your communications and messaging via display and LED screens.

Video walls and display screens are ideal for marketing, advertising and communication. They can be made to your exact sizing requirements.

They are versatile as you have a choice of shapes for the display screen – square, rectangle or other bespoke/custom shapes upon request.

The different sizes and styles available also mean you can build your video wall to you exact requirements. For example, create a whole large video wall covering an entire wall façade, or just a feature display screen on a wall, drawing attention where desired.

Video walls have many uses in different business scenarios – let’s take a look at some of those now.

Video Walls And Their Uses

The possibilities are endless.

Wherever there’s a wall there’s a way! 😉

If you think about the layout of your business, office, workspace or store, any wall that has good visibility can be used for a video wall.

Here’s a couple of video wall example uses to get you thinking:

  • Share social media feeds at events
  • Information display screens keeping clients updated in a corporate setting
  • Showcase your latest products in a retail setting
  • Live streaming content, sporting, events or promotions at hospitality or entertainment venues
  • Video walls can complement corporate exhibitions and to help showcase or demonstrate the product or service with video or animated content – always capturing more attention than just static promotional material or product displays
  • Use video walls in museums or galleries to accentuate the displays and further educate visitors
One Large LED Screen

There is the option of having one big image across a seamless display or different content on each individual LED screen.

It really depends on what message you want to communicate and your target.

Designing Your Video Wall

When considering your video wall, display screen or LED screen, you need to think about how many display screens you want to make up your wall or if it will be one large LED screen.

Some common configurations include: 2×2 video wall (4 screens), 3×3 video wall (9 screens) or 3×4 video wall (12 screens).

Consider which software features and content layout you want before purchasing and chat to our team on your vision. That way we can assist you with a video wall configuration that will work best for your business.

From small video walls to large bespoke, customized LED display screens, Aria Digital will manage your entire video wall project from design, installation through to set up and software assistance.

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