Using digital signage to engage more with students

Our younger generation has grown up in the digital age, the way they consume content is different to other generations . Students today prefer and in fact expect their communications to be digital. The change in this behaviour has seen digital signage become a cost effective and highly engaging  way of communicating with students. 

Digital signage has many benefits when communicating to students which include :

  • Information is received in real time with complete relevance 
  • Enhances the overall experience for students by offering a more engaging and fun education environment
  • Communicate important safety information in line with current conditions or events
  • Improved safety by integrating the schools emergency system to the digital signage solution
  • Help with way-finding around the campus
  • Display social media feeds with relevant school information
  • Showcase student work
  • Communicate upcoming events
  • Celebrate achievements together and make sure everyone can celebrate the success together
  • Utilise displays for digital menus and use a tool to encourage healthy choices

Once you have a plan of how to roll out your digital signage it is of utmost importance that the school place someone or a team of people in charge of keeping the content updated and relevant. Digital signage is only as good as it’s content. Schools that continually update their digital signage will see the best results. 

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