Creating A Digital Content Strategy That Works

Digital content is all about talking to your people – your market, your customers and your followers. Telling them more about what you want to say.

Digital screens and signage offers a huge potential to further engage and communicate with your current and prospective audiences.

A great content strategy coupled with digital screens and signage can help you set your business up for success – attract further foot traffic, awareness and in time, sales.

So let’s look into creating your own digital content strategy – the basics!

How To Create Your Digital Content Strategy

The main thing you need to work out is, what is it that you’re looking to communicate, explain or promote?

It’s easy for business owners to feel overwhelmed about what to use as their content or come up with a digital strategy and that’s completely ok – not everyone has an in-house marketing team or agency to come up with the latest and greatest ideas all the time.

We’ve put together an easy step by step guide on getting you started on your digital screen and signage journey so you can start kicking goals!

Define Your Audience

Who are you talking to? Or better still, who do you want to talk to?

Once you know who they are, you can put yourself in their shoes a little more.

If you struggle with that, then get out there and ask people who fit into your audience category. Ask them questions about your service, product and business and see what they say, first hand!

You’ll get some great insight and probably some good ideas too.

You can always research customer types and demographics too, to get an idea of what motivates your target audience.

Record their answers and use it in your digital screens and signage planning.

Knowing And Setting Your Goals

Before diving in head deep into what your content looks like, you need to clearly outline or at least know why you’re creating digital content.

Is it for brand recognition? Is it to drive sales? Are you looking to capture attention with a display screen for your shop?

Goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

You can put a measuring tool in place so you can work out if your content marketing is working, for example if you’re a retail shop, what’s your average weekly sales amount before to digital screens and signage being installed?

Then start measuring, what’s your average weekly sales after your digital screens and signage was installed?

You’ll start to get further insights and feedback as time goes on and you experiment with different messaging/content.

Decide On Your Content

Whether it’s VIP offers, promotions, branding/general communication about your business, you need to decide what the most important thing is that you’re looking to communicate via digital screens and signage.

Once you’ve worked it out, you can then create it.

If you’re not tech savvy, there are plenty of easy to use programs where you can create your own content or material, or you could even hire someone to help you put together some basic branding, colours, a logo and imagery.

Try to record any new content ideas you have and keep your content fresh!

A content calendar can also be a helpful tool to remind you when to change content messages and seasonal times or opportunities.

Carefully Plan Your Digital Signage Location

Location, location, location!

Not only is location important in real estate, it’s important with digital screens and signage.

Keep in mind your digital signage exists to capture attention so you want to maximize this opportunity.

Scope out with the help of your staff or friends and family, the best spots to locate your digital signage.

Aria Digital can also assist with mapping out your entire digital strategy and discussing signage location options if you need assistance or a professional opinion.

Digital Signage – It’s Never Been A Better Time!

Get on board with digital signage today!

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