How bricks and mortar retailers compete against the online world

With the evolution of the digital world it’s more important than ever for bricks and mortar retailers to create a better, differentiated experience to their customers.

Today with more and more customers choosing to go online to make their purchasers retailers have been forced to improve what they do and what they offer. So how do bricks and mortar retailers win customers over? It’s actually fairly obvious: create an amazing in store experience that can only be felt by being there.

In store high resolution screens can create an amazing visual experience and with technology improving there are literally thousands of different ways to integrate this video into the store creating a truly customised solution. Part of the appeal of these screens in a retail environment is that unlike traditional posters or merchandising options a digital display with the right content is visually captivating and allows the retailer to remain current and on trend at all times.

In order to get the best returns on the investment there are some key things retailers can do or implement. In fact much of what can be done today is almost like it’s out of a science fiction movie. Lets explain more.

So what content should be played on the screen and when? Well this is exciting, in fact we can target advertising and communication at who is in the store at the time. Retailers are taking advantage of facial detection software, and different triggers to play content for their actual viewing audience. Something that has not been possible in the past.

How about when a customer picks up a certain product, presses a button or simply moves into a space in front of a screen to activate specific content. All of these things engage more with the customer and improves their overall in store experience.

Retailers are also turning to video displays to seriously bulk up the selling power of their sales team. Sales teams can have control of the screens, play specific content or guide customers through on screen presentations. It can be a great tool to up sell and also showcase a range of products that may otherwise not be available to view in store. Importantly all of these solutions improve the customers in store experience.

Content is always king and will continue to be, but with more and more retailers turning to digital displays how do retailers stand out from the competition. Creative wall designs are possible, we often work with shop fitters to create a truly integrated solution. Create scattered video walls, different shaped screens using LED or a range of other layouts of screens. This creativity can give retailers the edge over other displays.

Video displays have proven to be hugely successful in the retail environment, they offer a unique and engaging experience for shoppers. The opportunities are still there for innovative retailers to embrace this technology and gain great value from their; investment.

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