Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitality

The good old days had most of us looking at signs and menus in cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants
via traditional static signage and hard copy style menus.

Whilst both of these methods are still largely used, digital signage and technology has opened up new
and exciting opportunities for the hospitality industry.

There are many benefits to implementing digital signage in your hospitality business, whether it be
indoor or outdoor LED screens, digital menu boards or general digital signage around your premises.
The experience of your guests and customers is of utmost importance and restaurants, cafes, pubs
and clubs can all benefit from implementing digital signage.

You don’t have to go completely digital and spend a fortune on digital LED screens or signage, you
can start small and experiment with what works and what your patrons like.
Aria Digital can tailor digital solutions to your specific needs and has worked with hundreds of clients
of various business sizes – large and small Australia wide.

So what are some of the key benefits of adopting digital signage in your hospitality venue?

Let’s dive in.

Create Atmosphere

Introducing digital signage, LED screens and digital menu boards around a pub or club helps to
create a ‘buzz’ in the environment which in turn improves the customer experience – customers visit a
pub and club to get out and about with friends and family and enjoy their time together.
Creating an atmosphere which is exciting, fun and engaging helps to make your customers’ night a
memorable one.

Communicate Promotions

Before the introduction of mainstream digital signage, the job of communicating promotions was done
through hospitality staff or static signage. Some of the key promos you may want to communicate to
patrons may not be relayed if static signage isn’t updated in time or staff may simply forget to tell

Implementing digital signage leads to promotions and offers being easily and quickly updated and
communicated to anyone on site.

This means you can increase cross selling and up selling at the touch of a few buttons on your digital
signage or LED indoor and outdoor screens.

Communicate Event Information

Like communicating promos, again through digital signage and LED screens you will be able to
quickly and easily update any information pertaining to functions, events, times and dates on the
signage around the venue.

Aria Digital provide not just the hardware for your digital signage requirements, but also the software
installation along with any assistance you may need with getting your digital signage up and running

Capture and Engage Customers

Through the use of digital menu boards, new or updated menus can be easily viewed.
No one likes seeing the same menu items over and over again – seasonal menu changes create
interest and variety for customers, informing and delighting your guests by communicating your new
and updated menu on digital menu boards.

Assist Customers

If you’ve got a large hospitality venue with multiple rooms or areas, patrons may require assistance
with way finding and directions when getting around. Although a host may be hired to assist when
people enter a venue, it’s not to say the guests won’t get lost on the way!
Adopting some digital signage around your venue will create ease for your visitors and guests when
navigating around.

If you’ve been thinking about digital signage, digital menu boards or indoor/outdoor LED screens for
your hospitality venue, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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