Benefits of Digital Directory Boards

Digital screens are literally everywhere now.

You’d be hard pressed to find a shop, office or mall without some kind of digital screen – it’s just the ways things have gone!

Technology has given us the opportunity to use digital platforms, such as LED screens and display signs, for everything and people love it.

It’s fast, convenient and user friendly. The old ways of all things static are slowly phasing out in many ways.

One of the ways that digital screens can assist with buildings and wayfinding is by adopting digital directory boards.

There’s always going to be someone new visiting for the first time who needs help getting to where they need to go.

By installing LED screens in the form of digital directory boards, a building can not only help visitors and guests who are new, but it can also transform the look and feel of the building upon entry.

Let’s talk further about some of the key benefits of digital directory boards, LED screens and LED display signs.

Key Benefits Of Digital Directory Boards
  1. You can instantly modernize, update and enhance your foyer/building

A new digital directory board oozes professionalism, leveling you up with how people perceive the building and the businesses inside.

Boost the look, image and feel of the building!

  1. Inform and communicate clear and accurate information

Visitors and guests expect the information they receive/read is accurate and by using digital led screens, you can easily update errors or mistakes.

  1. Fast and convenient to update

Nothing is more frustrating that checking the signage to an appointment only to get there and you’ve gone to the wrong floor because the old static sign hasn’t been updated yet.

With time being precious to all of us, we don’t need the added hassle of having to go round the mulberry bush to find our end destination.

Digital screens/directory boards have the ability to be updated as soon as things change meaning the information is never out of date.

  1. Create an improved experience for visitors and guests

Not only do LED display signs provide a way to communicate where certain business are located, you can also share relevant information such as weather updates or news, improving people’s experience within the building.

  1. Save staff time

Concierge, parking attendants or receptionists can focus on other responsibilities in their jobs when an effective digital directory board is installed, as there is less of a need to provide detailed directions.

  1. Cross promote other services or local businesses

A digital screen, led screen or digital directory board will not only list businesses and their location within the building and how to get there, you can use the digital platform to promote other services or local businesses!

Where Can Digital Directory Boards Be Used?

LED screens, digital signage and digital directory boards can be used pretty much anywhere.

Think building foyers, reception areas, in elevators, outside elevators and throughout office buildings.

They’re a great tool for effective communication and are available in a range of sizes, styles, shapes and configurations with easy to use cloud-based software.

What more could you possibly want?

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