Using Walls As An Advertising Space

Ever wondered about how you can make your store more exciting or engaging?

That’s where digital signage – like video walls and LED screens – come into play.

Static signage no longer has the cut through as shop owners we all desire, since consumers are so
regularly bombarded with advertising messaging and the latest deals everywhere they go.

Using HD graphics, cleverly crafted social media content, well chosen audio, you can turn your store
into a customer’s delight!

Where Can I Put My Digital Advertising Technology?

Don’t be put off by old ways of thinking when it comes to signage – these days, anything is truly

Look at your store landscape and imagine some of the digital signage options, like video walls or LED
screens in some of the main areas.

To help get the creative juices flowing, here are some of our suggestions on where to strategically
place your digital signage:

  • Any wall in the store that’s not covered by products
  • Behind the cash register/customer service area
  • The windows of your store, facing outwards to capture attention of those walking past
  • Smaller, interactive LED screens at high traffic points in your store
  • In change room areas
Video Walls

Video walls are big digital display screens and are all about making a statement – bold, exciting and
attention grabbing. It’s the perfect way to make a good impression and leave a lasting memory.
If you need a way to communicate a message to your customers, then a video wall would be a perfect
solution for you!

Not only are you keeping ahead of the Jones’ with your in-store atmosphere with a distinct ‘wow
factor’, you can quickly communicate offers and promotions to customers visiting your store.
Keep in mind that ideally a video wall size should be appropriate for the space it will occupy.

The great thing about video walls is the sizing is completely customizable – Aria Digital can create a
video wall to your unique specifications.

Now that’s great news!

LCD Screens

Similar to video walls, LCD screens are designed to capture attention of passersby and stand out to
communicate a message.

If a video wall isn’t for you, a smaller style LCD screen, or multiple LCD screens strategically placed
throughout your store might be the next best option.

Also customizable, Aria Digital can create a digital signage solution for you.

What About The Cost Of Digital Signage?

These days, digital signage is just the way things are going, in line with everything else around us
also going far more digitally focused.

If you’re not already investing in some type of digital signage in your store, you can guarantee there
are costs being allocated to other forms of static signage and promotions like traditional printing of
flyers, posters and other ads.

These types of signage and promotional material need continual updating, refreshing and printing so
the costs do add up.

Whereas if you invest in digital signage, yes the initial outlay may be a lot, however over time, you’ll
reduce printing costs and get better results with your more interactive digital signage via video walls
and LCD screens.

If you’re now at the point where you think, ‘yes, it’s time for me to invest in some digital signage’, get
in touch with our friendly team at Aria Digital.

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our clients.

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